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What is is a stock photography library that encompasses a wide range of equine-related topics featuring all disciplines, sports, breeds, general scenes, events and activities. For more info click here . . .


What is stock photography?

Stock photography refers to an available catalog of images opposed to assignment photography taken specifically for your needs.

3. How do you determine rates for licensing photos?

Licensing rates for use of photos are determined by the size of the photo in the final use, the circulation, print run of the publication or size of audience viewing an image, and by the duration of exposure. In the case of internet use: position on the website matters as well as the duration of exposure.

4. How does the media service work?'s digital media service provides media worldwide with access to racing and horse sale images within minutes of the conclusions of these events.


What are royalty free images?

Royalty free means you only pay once for an image, which can then be used for multiple projects and an unlimited time period. This compares with traditional rights managed images that are licensed for a specific use (including media type, product type, territory, size and time period) for a specific price.


How often is our library updated?

Photos are generally updated on a daily basis. However, activity in the industry dictates the timely updates.


How can I submit photos to accepts submissions from all levels of photographers with images of horses and horse-related subject matter from all sports, disciplines, breeds and situations. For more info click here . . .


If I use a photo for one project can I also use it on the web for the same price?

All photos are licensed for specific purposes and may not be used for purposes other than those agreed upon.


Are digital images of high enough quality to be reproduced in glossy four-color publications?

The quality of digital photography is suitable for most reproductions in four-color publications


Can I buy photos from for my personal use? is a stock photo library which licenses photography for use by media and other legitimate organizations for marketing and editorial purposes.